XenServer helps you become more efficient by reducing the number of physical servers within your business by creating multiple virtual servers on one physical server.

When a business requires a new application to run on a server they would typically purchase a new physical server but with XenServer you can create a new virtual environment within minutes for the application to utilise. This can significantly cut down the costs involved and reduce the amount of work for your IT department as they no longer have to setup, install and test a new physical server.

Each virtual server is hosted in a completely isolated environment and can be moved easily onto other physical servers in your business for maintenance or if there are server issues so downtime and disruption to workers is much less of an issue.

Features & Benefits

    • Increase Efficiency

      Creating a new server in a virtual environment can be completed within minutes as opposed to setting up a new physical server which companies would typically of done before virtualisation.
    • Reduce Downtime

      In the event of a hardware failure you can easily move virtual servers or backups or these servers onto working equipment in a fraction of the time it would take you to resolve an issue.
    • Reduce Costs

      As your company grows you can easily create new virtual servers as opposed to buying new physical servers to match growth. Furthermore, less servers result in lower power consumption.
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