XenDesktop removes the need to install and manage operating systems on individual workstations by making it easy to create and manage virtual instances of operating systems on your servers for every user which is accessible from any location.

Your servers perform the necessary processing power which results in you being able to lower your spend on PCs as users only require low-spec workstations which act as a gateway to connect to their virtual workspace on your server. Furthermore, management is made simple with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to install updates and manage security settings on all operating systems at one time.

Users are able to interact with their own personal instance as if they were working on a traditional workstation which means they are able to install programs, save files and everything else would expect. Furthermore, security settings can be easily applied to block the ability to install programs or change administrative settings depending on the requirements of individual users or groups of users.

Features & Benefits

    • Reduce Costs

      Utilise low-spec workstations which act as gateways for your users to connect to their virtual workspace on your server.
    • Easy Management

      Apply updates and other changes to all virtual operating systems in one application through an easy-to-use management interface.
    • Accessible From Anywhere

      Access from any PC or Mac with an Internet connection as well as other devices such as tablets and smartphones.
    • Security Isn't Compromised

      Users connect to their virtual workspace through an encrypted connection which eliminates the risk of data theft.
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