With XenApp you can install your business applications on your servers as opposed to individual workstations and allow workers to access them from anywhere.

This is possible because users access the applications through a virtual window which displays the software as if it were running locally on their workstation but is in fact running on your server, which performs all of the necessary processing tasks.

By having your server perform all of the processing you can reduce your spend on workstations as you no longer require powerful computers for the task. Furthermore, you can provide your staff with the flexibility to work on other devices which may not be supported by the application such as Macs, tablets and even smartphones due to your server being the physical equipment where the software is installed.

Managing the installed application becomes a much more simplified task as you can easily update to newer versions or roll-out completely new software to your workers by installing it once – on your server.

Features & Benefits

    • Work From Anywhere

      Workers can access the software from anywhere via a secure Internet connection and even work offline.
    • Simplified Management

      You only have to manage one installation of an application on your server as opposed to on many individual workstations.
    • Reduce Costs

      As your servers now perform the necessary processing tasks you can potentially save on the cost of future workstations.
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