To protect business networks against threats from the internet WatchGuard offer a range of network security devices which monitor and manage internet traffic and empower IT administrators to manage activity through a centralised console.

By protecting your network from internet threats the risk of viruses attacking the network are greatly reduced, especially when used as part of a complete business security solution.

WatchGuard also provides businesses with the ability to restrict the access to selected websites because of their content or themes. This is often used to prevent staff access sites not-related to work and can help to increase productivity as well as further reducing the risk of workstations being affected by viruses.

At the HBP Group we provide the XTM Series of WatchGuard devices:

    • XTM 2 Series

      The XTM 2 Series is designed for small offices, branch offices and wireless hotspots.

    • XTM 3 Series

      The XTM 3 Series is perfect for small offices, branch offices and wireless hotspots.

    • XTM 5 Series

      With powerful security services and enhanced management tools the XTM 5 Series is the ideal choice for medium sized businesses.

How Can We Help?

At the HBP Group we provide a range of IT security solutions, including WatchGuard devices, so can assist with the implementation of new IT systems or help to upgrade existing networks. Our team has a vast amount of experience in designing and installing secure IT networks which off the protection needed for small and medium sized businesses.

We also have a team of in-house IT engineers who can offer support by phone or email and field based engineers to assist with any issue which require on-site visits.

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