Virtualisation of Servers

Virtualisation of Servers

Our virtualisation service has helped many businesses save money and improve their IT infrastructure.

By using virtual servers your business could reduce the number of physical servers that are required by utilising each one more effectively. At the HBP Group we can help your business with the virtualisation of servers which can not only help to reduce the running costs of your IT network but will also make it more agile and secure.

Server virtualisation is often implemented when servers need replacing so capital outlay can also be reduced as less servers are required. We will analyse your existing server set up to select the correct solution for your business and implement it with minimal disruption to your business.

Features & Benefits

Server virtualisation can offer:

    • Reduce the cost of IT ownership by buying and maintaining less servers
    • Reduce power consumption and physical space required
    • Increase the flexibility of your servers in the event of issues or for maintenance
    • Increase the security of your servers
    • Easier backup and disaster recovery procedures
    • An effective and flexible IT solution for future business growth
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