Cartridge-based removable disk systems from Tandberg provide a more reliable, economical and secure data storage option than tape drives and can be used as part of a backup system to protect business data, applications and virtual environments.

The Tandberg RDX solutions allow for data to be searched and drag-and-drop restored for fast and easy backup and restoration management.

A cartridge-based backup solution is completely future proofed as it uses hard disk or sold-state disk technology to store data so can easily be upgraded if more space is required.

The range of Tandberg solutions includes:

    • RDX Quikstor

      A disk based solution with removable cartridges and automated backup and recovery.

    • RDX Quikstor with AccuGuard

      AccuGuard offers a data duplication service to increase your storage space and adds to the powerful functionality of the RDX Quikstor.

    • RDX QuikStation

      Tandberg’s RDX QuikStation provides a multi-cartridge platform for IT networks to backup multiple systems.

How Can We Help?

As a leading Tandberg partner the HBP Group recommend the use of the RDX solutions for new and existing IT networks. We regard backup and disaster recovery as a vital part of any IT solution and have implemented a large number of systems to help protect business data across the UK.

Our team of IT experts can help to plan and implement a complete backup and disaster recovery solution which incorporates cartridge-based removable disk storage.

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