Stock Management System

Stock Management

Stock management can be carried out effectively and efficiently with KC Stock Manager and KC Stock Reorder.

As a complete stock management system for KCPOS and some of the leading accounting software packages you can control every element of your stock.

KC Stock Manager allows you to carry out stock takes, raise purchase orders, write off stock, receive goods in, carry out price audits and move stock between locations using a handheld device.

With KC Stock Reorder you can use your past purchasing data to ensure that you order the correct amounts of stock at the right time. Stock forecasting can be based on different criteria and final orders can still be controlled by the user if required.

Features & Benefits

KC Stock Manager and KC Stock Reorder allow you to:

    • Control every element of stock management
    • Carry out stock takes without affecting accounts users
    • Use a handheld device to carry out tasks from the warehouse/shop floor
    • Keep accurate stock records in a central location
    • Order stock based on ordering history
    • Reduce the amount of stock held and meet customer demand

Accounts Intergration

KC Stock Manager is designed to work with:

    • Sage 50
    • Sage 200
    • IRIS Exchequer
    • Sage 50
    • Pegasus Opera II
    • Pegasus Opera 3

KC Stock Reorder integrates with:

    • Sage 50
    • Pegasus Opera II
    • Pegasus Opera 3
    • IRIS Exchequer


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