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The range of Sophos software is designed to protect businesses in the UK against threats with a combination of anti-virus, encryption, network, web and email solutions.

Each solution can be used on its own or in conjunction with each other to protect servers and workstations as well as any other networked devices.

The complete security solutions available from Sophos offer comprehensive packages which protect your business everywhere with easy to use, and implement, software solutions.

Sophos Complete Security Solutions

    • Sophos Complete Security Suite

      Combing all of the key elements for business protection – endpoint, email, web, server and mobile.

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    • Sophos UTM

      Protect your workstations and servers from threats with firewall, web control, intrusion prevention, email security and anti-virus software in one single solution.

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    • Sophos Data Protection Suite

      Keep your business data safe with data,endpoint and email protection

    • Sophos Web Protection Suite

      Protect your business from web based threats with web and endpoint protection.

How Can We Help?

We have a huge amount of experience in implementing IT networks with a range of security solutions so we can help you choose the correct Sophos software package for your business. Our knowledge and expertise ensures that data and IT networks are kept safe from the wide range of threats which need protecting against.

Our after-sales support team is also available for telephone and email support if you have any issues with your data protection and we offer remote or on-site assistance if required. Our staff are highly qualified and regularly trained on the latest versions of Sophos so we can also provide the highest levels of service possible.

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