Exchequer Commercials

Exchequer Commercials is part of the software for stock control and helps to manage stock with features such as automated stock forecasting which can help you avoid tying up money in stock or carrying too little to meet the demands of your customers.

Your stock is stored in an easy to view format which can be categorised to save time and eliminate the need to search for items. Furthermore, you can gain a detailed understanding how any part of your stock, be it a category or individual item, is performing through the ability to analyse sales and margins against various parameters to understand whether they are performing as expected.

Features & Benefits

    • Automatic notifications when stock levels are low
    • Drill-down functionality for detailed stock analysis
    • Manage items and their components which you assemble and manufacturer
    • Manage assembly and manufacturing with Bill of Materials
    • Generate invoices for individual components required to manufacture goods
    • Process sales & purchase orders and maximise opportunities by displaying similar or complimentary products during customer transactions.


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