Server Backup Software

Sever Backup Software

In the event of a disaster or error key parts of your business data could be lost.

By putting a software solution in place to back up your data can be securely copied to a physical hard disk, which is then taken off site at the end of each working day, or can be copied across the internet to a secure off-site location.

Our on-site solutions use hard drive cartridges which are far more resilient than tape drives, can hold much more data and are easily upgradable if your business grows. Our off-site software allows for fast backup across an internet connection with one-click restoration from any recovery point.

With both on-site and off-site options available, businesses can chose the most suitable solution for them or can combine both backup solutions for the ultimate protection.

Features & Benefits

Server backup software can provide you business with the ablitly to:

    • Backup all vital business data
    • Choose either on-site or off-site backup options, or combine both
    • Restore files quickly if they are lost, damaged or overwritten
    • Use resilient hard drive cartridges for on-site backup
    • Future proof your backup solution with a system which can be easily upgraded
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