Sage CRM

Sage CRM

Sage CRM software allows you to track and manage every interaction you have with your customers and prospective customers within a single system for your sales, marketing and customer services team.

It is highly customisable so can either fit around your current business processes or can help to shape the way your staff interact with customers and record the information from sales demonstrations, customer service visits as well as all emails, phone calls and meetings.

Sage CRM enables you to:

    • Close sales faster through quick access to customer information
    • Understand your customers better by having access to all information in one place
    • Increase customer retention by satisfying expectations across your organisation
    • Manage and track every element of your marketing campaigns
    • Works with Microsoft Outlook, Sage 200 and 1000
    • Integration with Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook & more to manage your social activities

How Sage CRM can help your individual departments:

    • Sales:

      Your sales team can utilise Sage CRM to manage opportunities from the initial contact right through to a final sale and with detailed sales pipelines they can see where best to focus their time and effort. All of this information can be reported on so you have an accurate understanding of how your sales team is performing and when sales are expected to close.

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    • Marketing:

      Create targeted marketing campaigns based on information stored in Sage CRM such as previous purchase history and analyse what works to make your future campaigns successful. With Email Marketing integration you can also save money on direct mail campaigns and automate follow up processes for telemarketing teams.

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    • Customer Service:

      Every interaction you have with your customers is stored within Sage CRM and you can track issues or enquiries and monitor how long it takes your team to deal with them through built-in reporting functionality. Service Level Agreements can be built into Sage CRM with managers being informed if the agreed timescales are not met on any call.

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    • Sage CRM for sales users
    • Sage CRM for marketing users
    • Sage CRM for ccustomer service users


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