Sage CRM Customer Service

Provide excellent customer care with Sage CRM customer service software, which allows you to manage and resolve your customer queries and issues in one system.

Sage CRM enables all customer facing staff to record details of any emails or phone calls which are exchanged with customers as well as empowering them to record, and solve, issues which are logged.

Sage CRM integrates with Microsoft Outlook so you can respond within the software and you can ensure issues are dealt with in a timely manner through automated reminders that will prompt your support personnel if a query isn’t dealt with in a pre-defined time. Service Level Agreements can be set up to match your procedures and an escalation protocol can be implemented so that the right people are informed if deadline are not met.

Features & Benefits

    • Manage and track customer queries and issues
    • Automated reminders based on pre-defined rules if a query goes unanswered over time
    • Store technical responds in an in-built knowledge base for faster response times
    • Powerful reporting functionality to monitor case resolution times, productivity and more
    • Define workflows to ensure the correct customer care processes and escalation points are maintained


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