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Sage 50 is the ideal accounting solution for new or small businesses, but it does have limitations which can hinder a growing business.

So how do you know whether you are ready to upgrade from Sage 50 and what are your options? Sage 200 is the next level of accounting software from Sage and is typically suited to businesses with a turnover between £0.5 million and £30 million, but there is more to it than just the size of your business.

We’ve created a simple questionnaire which asks you fundamental questions regarding your Sage 50 solution to help you determine whether it’s time to upgrade or simply implement some housekeeping procedures.

FREE Sage 50 Health Check

Simple Sage 50 Health Check

    • Q1. How many users access Sage 50 at the same time?

    • Q2. How many transactions do you enter into Sage 50 in a month?

    • Q3. Do you use a 3rd party piece of software linking to your Sage 50 system?(This may be a system that controls your invoicing or Sales order processes)

    • Q4. How often do you backup your Sage 50 data?

    • Q5. Have you ever experienced data corruption?

    • Q6. How would you rate the speed of your Sage 50 system?

    • Q7. How many transactions are currently on your system?Tell me how?

    • Q8. How many stock items do you have?

    • Q9. How many invoices do you print or send out per month?

    • Q10. How many Sales / Purchase Orders do you raise per month?

And In Your Opinion...

Q11. Please mark the below questions out of 5 on how they would benefit your business if they were implemented into Sage 50.
(1 being of no importance to you and 5 being important)

    • 1) Multiple stock locations and the ability to use warehouses or depots.

    • 2) Faster access to data without waiting for reports or the system to complete tasks.

    • 3) Cost centre and department breakdown.

    • 4) The ability to use traceable stock items / batch items.

    • 5) Period control within accounts (the ability to choose if you want to close a period off properly).

    • 6) A Purchase order authorisation process.

    • 7) A back to back ordering system (the ability to create a purchase order automatically when raising a sales order).

About You

Please provide us with the minimum of contact details so we can help advise you on your results to the above survey.

If you would require any additional information or would like to discuss your options with your current Sage 50 installation further, please contact one of our Sage Specialists on 0800 0433 106.

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