Sage 200

Sage 200 is a suite of business software that allows you to manage your finances, customer relationships and marketing activity from within one system.

You can create up to date reports on any of the data held within the system by using built-in functionality so the decision making process within your business becomes more informed and easier at the same time.

Sage 200 consists of the core Financials module which can be enhanced through the additional of any of the other modules in the suite. Other modules include Business Intelligence, Project Account, CRM, Manufacturing, Bill of Materials, Construction, Wholesale & Retail as well as a range of add-ons for more specific functionality enhancements.

The Sage 200 Suite Contains:

Just Have What You Need

Sage 200 is a modular software solution which means functionality can be easily added or removed to match your requirements.

As standard the Financials module is included which provides you with all of the tools required to stay in control of your finances.

Below is a complete list of the modules available:

    • Project Accounting - Manage multiple projects from start to finish
    • CRM - Manage sales, marketing and customer service processes
    • EPOS - Fully integrated EPOS for Sage 200 from KCPOS
    • Add-Ons - Gain additional functionality from third party suppliers

Features & Benefits

The main features and benefits of Sage 200 are:

    • Manage the day-to-day running of your business
    • Streamline many financial procedures and cut down on errors at the same time
    • Create up to date reports utilising any of the data held within the software
    • Manage every interaction you have with your customers
    • Target your marketing efforts utilising the data stored within the software
    • Eliminate the need to re-enter data across multiple systems
    • Configurable to match your budget or procedures

Who is Sage 200 for?

Sage 200 is most suitable for companies with a turnover between £0.5 million and £30 million.

Due to being a modular package, functionality can be added to Sage 200 at any point so costs can be managed and additional functionality can be added as your business grows.


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