Sage 200 CRM Intergration

Your sales, marketing and customer services teams can have access to the information they need to carry out their jobs effectively through Sage 200 accounts software and Sage CRM working seamlessly together.

With data synchronised between both systems your staff will have access to the same data and any changes made to customer information will be made available to all users in both systems. The integration also means that new customer accounts can be created using the information obtained in the sale process and key information including credit control details and outstanding customer services calls can be seen by the sales team before visits are made. Sale information is also available to customer service and credit control teams so that customers can be treated accordingly if they have orders in progress.

Features & Benefits

    • Provide your staff with access to the information they require such as contact details, past orders, recent communications and much more
    • Manage all of your customer and supplier details within one system
    • Create targeted marketing campaigns using data such as purchase history
    • Complete traceability of leads so you can see whether your online or offline marketing is working
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