Sage 200 Business Intelligence

With Sage 200 Business Intelligence you can report in great detail on any area of your business and make important decisions based your own in-depth analysis of data.

The Business Intelligence module features a built-in wizard which makes creating reports simple so you can find out about your most profitable customers, your least profitable customers and a wide array of useful information about your business.

By analysis trends and anomalies within your data you can identify possible opportunities and threats and look be build a competitive advantage within your industry. Data is available in real time so all of the data you analyse is as up to date as your accounts so your decision are always made on the most relevant information possible.

Features & Benefits

    • Pre-built reports allow you to analyse your business straight away
    • Create your own reports using the built-in wizard
    • Export reports to Microsoft Excel for further analysis of your data
    • Reports can be created to update with real-time information when accessed
    • Drill-down on any of the data to view supporting information to your reports
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