Sage 200 v2013

The latest version of Sage 200 adds a wide range of new features and functionality as well as offering users the choice of hosting their solution in the cloud or installing it on-premise.

These options allow users of Sage 200 to choose how they want to invest in their accounting software both now and in the future, offering plenty of flexibility to businesses implementing or updating their systems.

As well as the new licensing model the following updates will also be made available in Sage 200 2013:

Updates Included

    • Workspace Improvements

      Brand new Workspaces will be made available in order to improve the way users and can view and manipulate data. These new Workspaces will replace the existing enquiry screens and the list views which many users will be familiar with and will now be available through a web browser so they can be accessed on virtually any device at any time.

      New Workspaces also have added functionality that allow them to be launched from a menu item, allow you to navigate between different workspaces and can be configured by each user to work exactly how they want them to.

    • Nominal Cost Centre and Department Import Routines

      In Sage 200 2013 you will be able to create new cost centres and departments on the nominal ledger with the new import routines. When importing new records a report is produced to show the records which have been successfully imported as well as any that have failed.

    • Free Text Credit Notes

      Another addition is the ability to raise Free Text Credit Notes from within the Sales Ledger. This can be carried out in the same way as entering a free text invoice and can be made directly on a customer’s account.

    • Short Term Cash Projection

      Create a forecast for your short term cash flow with the new Short Term Cash Projection functionality. This provides users with the ability to forecast their balance as well as details of outstanding transactions across a user-definable date range. Transactions can be included or excluded from the forecast totals and additional transactions not yet entered in Sage 200 can even be included.

    • Future Year Budgeting

      A new tab has been added to the Nominal Accounts records in Sage 200 2013 which enables users to add budget values for up to five future years as well as providing the functionality to create financial statement layouts using the entered data. Furthermore, the Cash Flow Report provides a cash flow projection from the current year up to five years in the future.

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