Sage 100 End of Life

As of 1 April 2014 Sage have announced that Sage Line 100 will reach it's end of life.

Mainline support for the software has already ended and although you can continue to use the software, Sage will no longer be providing fixes or updates which includes legislation changes. This could result in you not meeting the requirements of the law.

From 1st April 2014 no additional users of modules will be able to be purchased for Sage 100 systems and Sage cannot guarantee that Line 100 will be legislatively compliant. There is also no longer support for the software from the Sage development teams or any ongoing development.

After the End of Life date customers can continue to use their software however no support will be available from Sage or their business partners and an Enable string will be required as a cost of £500 per annum. This Enable string is only required for Sage 100 versions 7.1 or above and any users of 7.0 or below will be able to carry on using their software without any additional purchases.

What are your options?

To ensure you remain compliant with law and ensure your software is supported, the HBP Group strongly recommended that you move to a software package which will continue to benefit from updates, including legislation changes. Sage 200 is one of these products and offers more functionality compared to Sage 100, including improved reporting and flexible accounting periods.

Why has Sage ended the life of Sage 100?

Sage Line 100 is now over 20 years old and is built upon a platform which has been surpassed in terms of performance and functionality. Furthermore, the operating systems which support Sage Line 100 are reaching their end of life cycles, which means Sage Line 100 would have to be completely redeveloped if it was to continue into the future.

Features & Benefits

If you decide to upgrade some of the features and benefits included in Sage 200 are:

    • Built-in reports so you can easily investigate key areas of your business
    • Export reports or data held within Sage 200 to Microsoft Excel for further analysis
    • Flexible accounting so you can post to future or past periods
    • Sage 200 supports multiple currencies and can automatically update prices
    • Complete stock management with automated features for re-ordering stock
    • Manage your entire manufacturing process and drill-down into each stage


Below is a selection of Sage 200 Screenshots

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