ProspectSoft, supplied by the HBP Group, offers a range of products which can help your business grow.

These products include CRM, Email Marketing, Web Solutions and eCommerce, all of which help you to keep your customers for longer and win more new business through both online and offline sales.

ProspectSoft are a UK based software developer who aim to deliver fully integrated solutions. All of ProspectSoft’s software systems integrate with the leading SME accounting software packages including Sage 50, IRIS Exchequer, Pegasus Opera II, Pegasus Opera 3 and Access Dimensions.

CRM integration offers a great advantage to businesses as they can share data between staff and eliminate the need to rekey information, saving huge amounts of time. Accurate quotations and orders can be created quickly and prospects can be converted to customers with minimal fuss.

Features & Benefits

The main features and benefits of ProspectSoft are:

    • Track and manage individual sales opportunities across multiple contacts
    • Trace leads to the marketing activity from which they were generated
    • Record user-defined customer details once a lead has being logged
    • Categorise your marketing activities
    • Share information with marketing and sales teams instantly
    • Marketing campaigns can be managed entirely within the system
    • Quickly log customer service issues
    • Store records of equipment used by each customer
    • Manage, analyse and report on customer cases instantly


    • ProspectSoft CRM - Overview
    • ProspectSoft CRM - Customer Service


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