How much does ProspectSoft cost?

Because ProspectSoft CRM is a modular solution the price of the system will vary based on the requirements of your business. In order to give you an accurate price we would need to discuss some of the essential features you require as well as the number of users you would need.

ProspectSoft CRM is also available in the Easy CRM format which allows for faster set up and a cost effective price. It can also be scaled up at a later date if you wish to expand.

To provide a ProspectSoft quote we require details of:

To find out more about the cost of PrsopectSoft CRM please contact us to arrange a discussion with one of our specialists.

    • Number of sales, marketing and customer service users
    • Your current CRM solution (if any)
    • Current sales processes which need tracking
    • Existing customer services procedures
    • Existing and future marketing campaigns
    • Your accounts software and integration requirements
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