Project Management Application Software

With ProspectSoft’s project management application software you can manage projects of all sizes and allow all relevant users to access, create, track and share information about projects with one another.

All of the projects you undertake are recorded so that detailed reports can be created to aid with estimating how long future projects will take and cost.

Projects can be created quickly and easily within the software and, once set up, can then be progressed through user definable stages or statuses so anyone within your business can see the progress of your projects. Documents can be stored against projects along with all other information so that all staff members have a central location for relevant details about each project.

Features & Benefits

ProspectSoft’s project management application features include:

    • It’s easy to create projects and they can be shared with anyone in your company
    • Store documents against each project for easy reference
    • Allow all staff to see the stage/status of each project as it progresses
    • Track the time spent on projects for better management and forecasting
    • Automate accounting processes such as billing and payment


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