Pegasus Web Xchange

Pegasus Web Xchange allows for data from within Pegasus Opera 3 to be securely accessed via a wide range of devices, including tablets and smart phones, and even allows for data to be posted back to the system if it is updated through the web interface.

The Pegasus Self Service application uses the technology from Web Xchange to save valuable time carrying out HR tasks such as updating employer details, checking holiday days and distributing payslips.

A web portal is created for staff to access their information through any of the supported devices which allows them to access their HR information. This information can be controlled by user permissions but each user can be allowed to edit their own details, so if they move house or change any other details they can update them themselves before the submission is sent for authorisation. Users can also check their allocated and used holiday days so they have no need to check with HR or management throughout the year.

Pegasus Self Service

Payroll slips can be issued electronically through the portal and this can be done alongside paper copies or can replace them completely. Users can view their current payslip online along with historical ones.

The Web Xchange Model

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Features & Benefits

    • Employees have instant access to their payslips electronically and securely
    • Employee payslips can be available online, printed or both
    • Employee permissions can be set to no access, read only or read/write
    • Default permissions can be assigned to Roles which in turn can be linked to employees. This allows for a global assignment of permissions, which can be overridden for individual employees
    • Subject to permissions, employees can remotely access/amend their details including: Personal Details, Photograph, Contacts,
    • Education records, Bank Account information, Absence Details, and Holiday Entitlement
    • Authorisation routine allows a manager to approve pending updated employee details. Integration with Opera 3 Notification
    • Services alerts a manager to pending requests awaiting Authorisation
    • Batch creation of users for rapid deployment
    • Automatic generation and distribution of user passwords upon initial set up; which can easily be reset by the employee
    • Payroll Self Service accounts are linked back to their employee record within Opera 3
    • Managers can be assigned the Departments that they are responsible for
    • Full Audit Log of changes accepted from Payroll Self Service
    • Customise the look and feel of the Pegasus Web Xchange with your company logo
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