Pegasus Service Software

Pegasus Service Software

Provide after-sales service and care with Pegasus service software for Opera 3. The Service and Helpdesk application integrates with CRM, Invoicing/SOP and Stock Control to give a complete overview of customer contracts, past sales interactions and a history of service and helpdesk calls.

Service and Helpdesk acts as a centralised database of all customer service callouts, helpdesk support calls, installations, preventive maintenance and provides the tools to plan, track and resolve issues and activities. A knowledge base of issues and fixes can be kept which can be referred to by other staff and a Resource Scheduler allows for the planning of engineers, staff, vehicles, equipment and any other resources.

Features & Benefits

With Pegasus service software you will benefit from the ability to:

    • Store details of all service and helpdesk calls
    • Create a knowledgebase of common issues and fixes for future reference
    • Schedule and allocate staff, vehicles and all other resources to jobs
    • Report on fault codes, expenses, parts, consumables and requisitions and much more
    • Manage contract renewal dates and warranty expiry dates
    • Integration with remote devices including PDAs, web interfaces and TomTom Business solutions


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