Pegasus Opera 3

Pegasus Opera 3 is the latest software solution from Pegasus and offers a complete business solution for small and medium sized enterprises to manage finances, payroll, CRM, supply chain and customer service.

As a fully integrated system, users of Opera 3 benefit from a single view of business activities as data is seamlessly shared between departments and relevant information is easily accessible in or out of the office.

Opera 3 is a modular software solution so applications can be selected when implementing the system and then added to at a late if required. This allows businesses to create a business package which fits their needs but provides the flexibility to grow with them in the future.

Features & Benefits

The main features and benefits of Pegasus Opera 3 are:

    • Complete control over finances and the key areas of your business
    • A single solution which allows data to be shared between relevant departments
    • Access data on mobile devices so users can action tasks anytime from anywhere
    • Build your system through a choice of applications and add to it in the future if required
    • Pegasus Opera 3 can be installed on-premise or hosted in the Cloud

Pegasus Opera 3 Applications

Pegasus Opera 3 is made up of a selection of applications to manage the key areas of business. These applications are:

Upgrading from Opera II

if you're upgrading from Pegasus Opera II then take a look at our Opera 3 Upgrade page to see all of the differences between the two packages.


    • Pegasus Opera 3 - Overview
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    • Pegasus Opera 3 - Open Period Accounting
    • Pegasus Opera 3 - Rectify Allocation


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