Pegasus Opera 3 Add-ons

To enhance the existing functionality in Pegasus we offer a range of add-ons which enhance the standard features in Opera 3.

The add-ons are written by accredited Pegasus Developers, including Kamarin Computers who are part of the HBP Group, and will work with both Pegasus Opera II and Pegasus Opera 3.

The add-ons we currently offer are:

    • Draycir Spindle Batch send emails from Pegasus with customised designs which include your logo and company details. This allows invoices, statements and all other documents to be easily emailed to customers from within Opera II and Opera 3.
    • KC Credit Pursuit Provide your Credit Control team with all of the tools they need to ensure payments are made on time. Chase procedures can be automated and all of the relevant information about a customer’s debts can be displayed on a single screen.
    • KC Stock Manager KC Stock Manager uses handheld devices to manage stock throughout your business. Carry out stock takes and perform a wide range of tasks through the handheld device which links all data with Opera II and Opera 3.
    • KC Stock Reorder Utilise your historical ordering data with KC Stock Reorder which suggests stock levels for ordering based on past stock trends and even allows for seasonal changes in sales.
    • KCPOS - A fully integrated EPOS solution for Pegasus Opera II and Pegasus Opera 3 which provides a powerful point of sale system for retail, trade and hospitality industries.
    • KC eCommerce Link The KC eCommerce Link provides a solution to synchronise an eCommerce website with the stock pricing information held on your products within Pegasus Opera II and Pegasus Opera 3.
    • KC BOM Creates Bill of Materials items and manages simple assembly processes for manufacturing companies.
    • KC WIP Manages Works In Progress for both Pegasus Opera II and Opera 3 users.
    • KC Fixed Assets A powerful Fixed Assets solution for Pegasus Opera II and Opera 3.
    • KC Cash Accounting Reduce the amount of tax you pay if your turnover is under £1.35 million by only paying VAT on invoices which you have received payment for.
    • KC Parcel An integrated ParcelForce solution for Pegasus Opera users which prints labels using Opera II or Opera 3 data.
    • KC Utility Pack Enhances the stock functionality within both Opera II and Opera 3.
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