Pegasus CRM

Pegasus CRM

Pegasus CRM is an application for Pegasus Opera 3 that provides the tools to manage both marketing and sales activities which will ultimately help to increase sales.

Marketing campaigns can be sent, managed and traced and sales opportunities can be updated from start to finish to ensure that they are always followed up effectively and efficiently.

Details of all mailers, emails, phone calls and appointments can be logged against a company and individuals within that company to provide an historical view of communications. This allows for sales details to be recorded for analysis or to be shared with other members of staff or departments if required.

Pegasus CRM allows your sales team to raise quotations quickly and easily and with integration to the Supply Chain Management and Financials applications the need for re-keying data is eliminated when creating a new customer and placing orders.

Features & Benefits

The main features and benefits of Pegasus CRM are:

    • Create and send emails and attachments Outlook and store in Pegasus CRM
    • Generate quotations from within the system for customers and prospects
    • Analyse the performance of your sales team and marketing campaigns
    • Maintain an accurate database of customer and prospect information
    • Allow your sales team to access and update key information remotely
    • Integration with Opera 3 Financials, Supply Chain Management, Document Management and XRL


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