Pegasus Business Intelligence

Pegasus Business Intelligence for Opera 3 is an award winning solution which allows businesses to access and view key business information quickly and easily.

Business Intelligence consists of Pegasus XRL, a powerful reporting tool, Pegasus Dashboards, which provide key information in a real time, visual dashboard and Pegasus Instant Messenger (PIM) for sending messages and information to other users.

Pegasus XRL

Pegasus XRL accesses the data held within Pegasus Opera 3 and allows you to analyse and manipulate this data in Microsoft Excel, which has a wealth of features such as macros and data look-ups that allow you to analyse your business in great detail. Reports and report templates can be easily created and these can automatically filled with data from Opera 3 every time they are required, no matter if it is daily, weekly or monthly, at the touch of a button so you do not have to spend time entering data.

Pegasus Dashboards

Pegasus Dashboards provide an easy way of looking at an overview of key business information. Dashboards can be created to show the performance of aspects such as sales performance, stock levels, top customers, credit control information and virtually any other performance indicators found in Opera 3. Charts can then be customised to display suitable information for different staff members and all information can be analysed in detail with drilldowns to the core data.

Pegasus Instant Messenger

Pegasus Instant Messenger can be configured to send messages to any user of Pegasus Opera 3 based on rules set up within the software. This can be used to alert users or can be used for more complex and sophisticated tasks.

Features & Benefits

Pegasus Business Intelligence provides businesses with the ability to:

    • Quickly create reports from Pegasus Opera 3
    • Create customised report template which will be automatically populated with data
    • Make better business decision by accessing the right information
    • See key performance indicators in real time in an easy-to-view format
    • Restrict access to key reports and allow remote users to access Dashboards
    • Share information with other users quickly and easily


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