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Pegasus Payroll

At the HBP Group we offer a range of payroll software and HR software which can be used in conjunction with leading accounting packages such as Sage 50, Sage 200, Pegasus Opera II, Pegasus Opera 3 and IRIS Exchequer.

The software helps businesses to manage staff wages, holidays, absences, recruitment and ensure that they meet all current legislation.

Payroll can be processed quickly with an integrated payroll software solution and all of our systems have been accredited by the HMRC. With HR you can also manage all of the details of your staff so that all key information is stored in a single location.

Payroll Software

We provide the following Payroll and HR solutions:

RTI Ready

RTI Ready

All of the payroll software solutions we offer are RTI ready and can be kept up to date with future legislation changes.

With Pegasus, Sage or IRIS payroll solutions your business will also be able to manage payments to the HMRC in real-time and meet all the regulations that they enforce.

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We have been installing and supporting business software systems, including Payroll and HR software, since 1991 so have a vast amount of experience in helping businesses choose the correct software. Because we supply a range of solutions we can help you select the right software to fit with your existing accounts system or provide a complete solution of accounts, payroll and HR when the time comes to upgrade.

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