Opera II Upgrade Questionnaire

Pegasus Opera II Upgrade

If you are interested in Pegasus Opera 3 but are unsure as to whether or not it will benefit you and your company, fill in the below questionnaire to receive an instant and unbiased review based on your answers.

Simple Pegasus Opera II Questionnaire

    • Q1. Would you find it useful to post transactions to Nominal Ledger periods in the past or future?

      I don't know - how could this benefit me?

      Being able to post transactions to Nominal ledger periods in the past or future is beneficial because it provides you with more flexibility and allows you to go back into old entries in the Nominal Ledger and make corrections, so your accounts are always accurate.

    • Q2. Do you often open and close reports just to navigate around other areas of your Pegasus Opera II system?

    • Q3. Would you find it beneficial to schedule tasks to run outside normal working hours, such as running reports, backing up your system or running Period Ends in the Nominal, Purchase and Sales Ledgers?

    • Q4. Do you spend a lot of time checking and filing your VAT Return before submitting online?

    • Q5. Would you like to be able to export reports directly into Microsoft Excel so you can further drill down into your data and get a more detailed understanding of your business?

      I don't know - how could this benefit me?

      It’s beneficial because it provides you with your reports in an editable format that you can customise and use to get a better understanding of your business. If you were to move to Pegasus Opera 3 you would be able to easily export your reports into Microsoft Excel.

    • Q6. Do you find it difficult to navigate around your Pegasus Opera II System?

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If you would require any additional information or would like to discuss your options with your current Pegasus Opera II installation further, please contact one of our Pegasus Specialists on 0800 0433 106.

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