Opera 3 Upgrade

Are you ready to upgrade to
Opera 3?

An upgrade to Opera 3 from Pegasus Opera II not only gives you greater flexibility and greater control over your business but also protects the future of your business.

Opera 3 utilises .NET technology which is used for the new applications and the future development of the software – functionality that will not be available in Opera II.

Pegasus Opera 3 has been improved in many areas with an enhanced user interface, more out of the box reports (which can now be exported directly to Excel), the ability to run multiple reports at the same time and a scheduler so tasks can be carried out outside of normal working hours.

Further enhancements are available throughout the system including error correction, open period accounting and landed costs.

Reasons to upgrade to Opera 3

    • Credit Management Centre

      Built-in credit management functionality provides users with access to the financial status and debt history of each customer so cash flow can be improved and bad debt reduced.

    • Notifications

      Messages can easily be distributed within Opera 3 using the Notification Services so that users can be informed of times when they need to log out and works in conjunction with the task scheduler.

    • Future development

      Pegasus Opera 3 provides your business with a software solution which is always evolving. Pegasus are focused on adding more and more functionality with each update – the sooner you upgrade the sooner you benefit!

    • Export Reports to Excel

      Both standard reports and reports created in the Report application can now be exported directly to Excel for further analysis and editing.

    • Enhanced User Interface

      An updated user interface which is familiar to users of Microsoft products makes Opera 3 easy to navigate and use.

    • Improved Help Sections

      The "How To" functionality within Opera 3 has been completely restructured so users can find the answers they need much quicker.

    • Better Reporting

      The frustrations felt when reporting Opera II are gone in Opera 3 as multiple reports can be run side by side, can be minimised and can be searched.

    • Retrospective Aged Debtors and Creditors Reports

      Find out your debtor and creditor levels from any date in the past with new reporting features in Opera 3.

    • Error Correction

      Easily correct mistakes which have been made in the system in Sales and Purchases Ledgers as well as the Nominal Journals.

    • Open Period Accounting

      Increase the flexibility in your approach to accounting with the ability to post into future and past accounting periods.

    • Enhanced Stocktake

      Allocate items to worksheets so that manual counts can be carried out before making adjustments within Opera 3 to update stock levels.

    • Landed Costs

      Include all of the costs associated with imported goods, such as freight, insurance and taxes, in the final costs of your imported goods.

    • CRM Improvements

      A huge number of enhancements have been made in the CRM and Service Management applications including the summary scheduler for easy scheduling of calls.

    • Document Management Desktop

      Provide non-users of Opera 3 with the ability to store documents with a simple drag-and-drop function available on any Windows desktop.

    • File VAT 100 Online

      File VAT returns online quickly, easily and securely from within Pegasus Opera 3.

    • Scheduler

      The new scheduler allows tasks such as backups, report running, repeat invoicing, period ends and much more to be scheduled to run automatically outside of working hours to minimise disruption.


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