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Anti-Spam Solutions

Message Defence is a powerful anti-spam solution which helps businesses to cut down on wasted server space and reduce the time staff spend dealing with unwanted emails.

It also helps protects businesses against threats which could come from email, helping to ensure the security of business networks in conjunction with anti-virus solutions.

In order to provide an accurate anti-spam experience for the user Message Defence ‘learns’ the rules which make up a spam email so it can evolve and prevent future unwanted messages. User can update the system with their own preferences too so that email addresses and domains can automatically be blocked or allowed as required.

Message Defence is built on the Barracuda Network so all of the benefits of a global spam protection service can been seen by its users.

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As a supplier of IT solutions the HBP Group can help businesses to implement an anti-spam solution on its own or as part of a larger IT network project. We provide a wide range of IT security solutions including anti-virus protection, data back and disaster recovery so can assist with a complete business security plan.

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