Marketing Automation Tools

ProspectSoft CRM’s marketing automation tools enable users to manage all marketing activities in an easy-to-view format.

You can view responses from all campaigns as well as sales enquiries from within the CRM system and create detailed reports for in-depth analysis.

Groups of data can be created which can then be set up for direct mail, email marketing or telemarketing campaigns. Mail merges can be carried out from within CRM using all of your customer and prospect data and a record of each mailer, email or phone call made will be stored against the contact.

Features & Benefits

With ProspectSoft’s marketing automation tools you will benefit from:

    • Target groups of contacts within your CRM system
    • Update records with a history of past marketing messages sent
    • Set up and manage full campaigns within CRM
    • Create detailed reports on the outcomes of your marketing
    • Integrate marketing activities with your website for even better tracking


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