KC Credit Pursuit - Credit Control Software

KC Credit Pursuit is a credit control software package which gives your credit control department the tools to reduce your average debtor days, improve your cash flow and perform all of their tasks within a single system.

You can achieve this by automating tasks such as sending letters and emails which in turn frees your staff to dedicate their time to more pressing matters. Additionally, each user has a dedicated task list which allows them to easily understand and focus on their responsibilities and they have the power to place accounts on hold, send internal messages and more.

The number of calls made can be dramatically reduced with KC Credit Pursuit as operators are given hints, or pointers, whenever they make a call to ensure all of the necessary information is collected so they do not have to make follow-up calls for details that were initially missed.

Typical Savings Calculator

Reducing your average debtor days means real world savings to your company.

Using the sliders below, add the ranges relevant to your company and then hit "Check Savings" to get the typical potential savings that you could see by using KC Credit Pursuit.

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Debtor Days Savings Calculator

By using KC Credit Pursuit to reduce your average debtor days by the 5 shown above, you could see the following potential savings:

Potential Revised Debtors Value:
Potential Cash Injection to Business:
Potential Saved Interest Payments:

Send Potential Savings Calculation

Add in your name, company and email address and click "Go". You can also add in other peoples email addresses that you may want to send this information to.

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Features & Benefits

    • Reduce debtor days
    • Increase cash flow
    • Automatically chase late payments
    • Record every contact with customers
    • Personalised task list for each user
    • Integrates with your accounts package so you do not have to re-enter data
    • Easily produce company-wide average debtor day and individual customer average debtor day graphs for the previous 12 months.
    • Filter customers by account code or part of their name

Integrates With

KC Credit Pursuit credit control software integrates directly with the following accounts systems:

    • Pegasus Opera II
    • Pegasus Opera 3
    • Exchequer
    • Sage 50
    • Sage 200
    • KC Back Office Accounts


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