IT Facilities Management

IT Facilities Management

With our IT Facilities Management solution you can benefit from having a dedicated IT Manager to work alongside your businesses IT requirement.

This may be working with an existing IT department or Manager within your business or as your sole IT resource – eliminating the need for recruitment, HR and the management time which would be required.

You will be assigned a person, or team, of engineers who will help to manage your IT requirements including IT planning, preventative maintenance, IT administration tasks and problem fixing. A pre-defined amount of time will be set aside for your business and this will be used to ensure that your IT systems are running efficiently and that all regular IT tasks are completed.

Features & Benefits

IT Facilitites Management allows you to:

    • Have a dedicated IT manager at your business
    • Work alongside existing IT staff or manage your entire IT network
    • Purchase time in advance to ensure tasks are carried out
    • Carry out preventative maintenance to reduce possible downtime
    • Ensure all regular IT jobs are completed as required
    • Plan and implement your future IT strategy
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