Exchequer is an accounting solution for businesses in any industry which allows you to manage your finances and report in great detail, so decision making is much easier.

It is a modular piece of software so it can be built around the requirements of your organisation and dedicated modules can be selected so that your system works exactly how you need it to.

Features & Benefits

The main features and benefits of Exchequer are:

    • Suitable for 1-100+ users
    • Any industry, with specialist charity, construction and distribution functionality
    • Easily tailored to your budget and requirements
    • In-depth reporting on the stored in the accounts software
    • Powerful and effective stock control
    • Dual or multi-currency support
    • A modual solution which can adapt with your business needs
    • Drill-down capabilities throughout the system

Exchequer Modules

With Exchequer being a modular solution you are able to add or remove functionality to meet your requirements and budget. Below is a list of the modules which can be added, expanded on or removed at any time:


    • General Ledger
    • Microsoft Excel Intergration
    • Microsoft Outlook Dynamic Dashboard
    • Courier Pro
    • Stock Control
    • Live - User Benefits
    • Exchequer Live - Approver Benefits
    • Exchequer Live - Administrator Benefits
    • Payroll - Paying Employees Using BACS
    • Exchequer Analytics
    • Mobile Acounting Software eXchequer 365
    • Exchequer Live - Project Job & Time Costing Software
    • Finance & Accounting
    • Sales and Purchase Order Processing Software
    • Commercial & Stock Control Software
    • Payroll - Management Reporting Software


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