Exchequer Payroll

At the HBP Group we offer two payroll solutions which can be used with Exchequer.

Exchequer Payroll Business is designed to for businesses with between 1 and 50 employees and Exchequer Payroll Professional can handle up to 250 employees.

Both solutions offer comprehensive management of every aspect of your Payroll whilst maintaining a simple and easy navigate interface so you spend more time paying your employees and ensuring you comply with legislation than searching for features within the software. Both packages are Real Time Information (RTI) compatible and have been approved by the HMRC.

Features & Benefits

    • Filing forms online with the HMRC
    • Manage absences and holidays
    • Pay staff efficiently and integrate information with Exchequer
    • Import spread sheet timesheets into your Payroll software (Professional only)
    • Create bespoke reports on any of your Payroll information (Professional only)
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