Exchequer Live

Exchequer Live

Exchequer LIVE is a set of web enabled modules designed for Exchequer which provides the ability to control timesheets, expenses, eProcurement and project management.

New timesheets can be added online, can be based on historical timesheets and expense claims can even be instigated directly from a timesheet itself so you will have full traceability which can also be used for reporting purposes. Authorisation can be made over the internet with the ability for managers to authorise or query expenses and set thresholds beforehand on how much employees can claim per category.

Exchequer LIVE also manages expenses which can be submitted and approved online, and procurement which gives a centralised way of managing all local purchasing transactions. The eProcurement feature provides businesses with centralised control of local purchasing relationships and decisions and allows for the online creation of purchase requisitions, orders, delivery notes, invoices and credit notes.

The Project Manager in Exchequer LIVE provides views of project and job costs no matter where you are. Through the internet you can access project and job records, budgets and summaries. This solution is perfect for project managers working in the field who need access to the key information about the job they are working on.

Features & Benefits

    • Allow your workers to submit timesheets and expenses when they’re away from the office
    • A customisable approval system with multiple authorisation levels
    • Provide your staff with feedback if an expense or timesheet is rejected
    • Accessible through your Internet browser
    • Employees can write notes alongside timesheets and expenses
    • Integrates with Exchequer so you can produce reports based any information held
    • Allow project managers to see the key information they require whilst out of the office
    • Enhance the functionality and usability of Exchequer for all users


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