Exchequer CRM Software

Exchequer CRM

With Exchequer CRM software you are able to manage every interaction you have with customers and prospects within one system.

Your sales team can manage and track all leads and opportunities, your marketing department can send tailored email marketing campaigns from directly within the software and customer services can track and respond to support queries and maintain a database of common issues which allows them to respond faster.

Key information from your accounting software can be accessed, if required, by your sales and service teams to ensure that the most suitable approach is taken when dealing with customer. The information from sales and service is also made available to the finance team so they know if there are any outstanding customer service calls or quotations when contact customers.

Features & Benefits

    • Manage every stage of your sales leads and focus efforts on deals you are likely to close
    • Save time by generating quotes directly from Exchequer
    • Send targeted email marketing campaigns based on information stored in the CRM software
    • Analyse which marketing campaigns are working for you and copy the success
    • Ensure customer queries are responded to promptly by monitoring response time


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