Exchequer Authoris-e

Simplify the authorisation process within your business with Exchequer Authoris-e, which provides managers with the ability to authorise transactions via email.

Requesting authorisation is simple too, with a click of a button an authorisation request is sent via email that can be approved or rejected just as easy as it was to send the request.

Authoris-e helps to remove the need for paper trails and make makes the authorisation process quick, easy and traceable. Because the system uses emails is also means that authorisations can be made away from the office from anywhere with internet access.

Features & Benefits

    • Staff who aren’t Exchequer users can authorise transactions via email
    • In the case where an authorisation request is rejected, a reason can be stated
    • A comprehensive administration panel for easy management of authorisers
    • A complete audit trail - every authorisation is entered into the diary of each transaction


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