Exchequer Analytics

Exchequer Analtics

Dig deeper into your data with Exchequer Analytics – the tool which provides decision makers within your organisation with access to key business information in an easy-to-understand format.

Accessible online through a web browser, virtually any information from your system can be turned into a visual report with full drill-down capabilities built in.

Powerful reporting is made easy with access to all of your Exchequer data which can be used to create reports with interactive filtering and drill-down functionality so that you can analyse reports at a top-level view or at a much more detailed level.

Exchequer Analytics is the perfect add-on to create management reports and provides organisations with the information they need to make key business decisions without slowing down the main Exchequer system.

Features & Benefits

The key features and benefits of Exchequer Analytics are:

    • Access Key Business Data

      All of the data within your Exchequer system can be used to create reports

    • Interactive Reports

      Drill-down and filtering functionality within reports allow you to analyse each element in depth

    • Save Time

      Out-of-the-box reports make it easy to get started and will also save you time in creating management reports

    • Streamlined Data

      The data for Exchequer Analytics is held in a separate data location so doesn’t affect the performance or Exchequer

    • Up-to-date Data

      The information used by Exchequer Analytics is updated on a scheduled basis (you can decide how often) so is also up-to-date

    • Access Anywhere

      Exchequer Analytics can be accessed through a web browser so reports can be viewed and analysed from anywhere


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