eXchequer 365

Access your Exchequer data via a smartphone or tablet with eXchequer 365.

You can check a customer balance, stock availability, authorise orders or even email a copy of an invoice to a contact – all from your mobile device.

Exchequer 365

eXchequer 365 works alongside your existing solution and can have functionality turned off or on to match your requirements.

The application works anywhere with a 3G or WiFi connection so you can empower you staff to access the information they need wherever they are.

The easy-to-use eXchequer 365 interface works across multiple devices and provides access to account details, stock and ledger details (including invoices, payments and orders) as well as allowing you to access documents related to each record. This means that even if your staff are away from the office they can bring up account information and view or email a copy of an invoice directly from their phone.

Reports can also be created using the reporting module which provides users with a personalised list of reports so management can have the information they need literally at their fingertips.

Features & Benefits

Some of the key features and benefits of eXchequer 365 include:

    • Access Data Anywhere

      eXchequer 365 provides users with the ability to access data on their mobile devices from anywhere at any time

    • View Documents

      Drill-down in any area of the application to see the original source documents attached which can then be viewed or emailed

    • Personalised Reports

      Access to personalised reports allows users to see key business information on their mobile devices

    • Empower Your Staff

      Mobile working enables staff to carry out tasks such as authorisations and emailing documents without being in the office

    • Multiple Device Support

      eXchequer 365 is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, BlackBerry OS10, Apple Mac, Android, iPhone, iPod and iPad

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