Data protection solutions from Eversync provide businesses with complete protection through backup, disaster recovery and archiving in a single package.

With support for all major operating systems and all major applications, including Microsoft Exchequer, Microsoft SQL Server, VMware, Hyper-V and SharePoint, Everysync can provide data security to virtually any network setup.

Backups can be set up for virtual servers as well as physical servers and server images, virtual machines, files and emails can all be restored with a single click.

Eversync's security solutions include:

    • Backup and Recovery

      The core protection solutions for servers, applications and files on both servers and PCs.

    • Disaster Recovery

      In the event of a data disaster ensure that your business can be up and running again as quickly as possible.

    • Data Archiving

      Archive data to removable media to retain specific information or for customers who don’t have a second site for replication.

    • Virtualisation Backup

      Protect the data and information stored on your virtual servers with a dedicated virtualisation backup solution.

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We have been installing and supporting IT networks for over 20 years so have a vast amount of experience in providing reliable and secure business systems. We can recommend the correct security solutions for your business to fit your existing IT network or as part of a new system installation.

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