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Eureka are a development house specialising in add-ons for Sage 200 all of which can be provided by the HBP Group.

The add-ons are all out-of-the-box solutions so can enhance any Sage 200 system with features which improve the speed and effectiveness in many areas of the software.

Sage 200 add-ons from Eureka include:

    • Sales Order Plus

      With functionality added to the sales order entry screen Sales Order Plus makes order entry as quick as possible in Sage 200.

    • Web SO

      A web based sales order entry add-on which allows users to enter sales orders directly in Sage 200 via an online interface.

    • Web PO

      Allow users to enter to purchase orders into Sage 200 through a web interface without taking up any user licences.

    • Data Exchange

      Link Sage 200 data with third party applications such as eCommerce websites, ERP solutions and CRM systems.

    • Plus Pack

      With over 60 additions for Sage 200 the Plus Pack improves the basic functionality of Sage 200, especially for users who are used to Sage 50.

How Can We Help?

At the HBP Group we can assist Sage 200 users to get the most from their system by implementing add-ons which provide functionality not included in the standard system. Our team of experts can help to identify the best solutions to enhance staff productivity by making it as easy as possible for them to carry out regular tasks within Sage 200.

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