Email Marketing Campaign Software

Create and manage highly targeted email marketing campaigns within Sage CRM with the email marketing campaign software functionality which can be added to your system.

The Information you have stored on your prospects and customers can be utilised to ensure you send personalised and relevant emails which can increase the success rate of your campaigns.

Reporting functionality allows you to monitor the success of every campaign and mimic what is working for you. Every action the recipients of your emails make can be tracked so you can ensure that opportunities are followed up using Sage CRM’s built in lead management system.

Benefits for your marketing team:

    • Create, send and manage email marketing campaigns from directly within Sage CRM
    • Analyse your campaigns to see which are working and replicate the success
    • Ensure opportunities are followed up using the built-in lead management system
    • Calculate an accurate return-on-investment from every email campaign
    • A 3-step wizard for easy creation of new email marketing campaigns
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