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The full range of Draytek Vigor routers can be provided by the HBP Group for use by small and medium sized businesses in the UK for a reliable internet connection.

Draytek routers are used to manage your high speed internet connection used by your server, local PCs or by a network switch for distribution around your business.

Switches can also offer wireless connections for guests, come with built-in firewalls to protect against threats and provide bandwidth aggregation to increase the total amount of bandwidth available on your internet connection.

The range of Draytek Vigor routers includes:

    • Vigor 2960 Dual-WAN Firewall

      A dual-gigabit WAN firewall which offers load balancing, WAN failover and bandwidth aggregation.

    • Vigor 2850 Series

      The Vigor 2850 supports ADSL and VDSL for the BT Infinity service as well as other VDSL/VDSL2 services.

    • Vigor 3900 Enterprise Firewall

      A quad-gigabit WAN router which includes features such as remote access, firewalling, load balancing and failover.

    • Vigor 3200 Quad-WAN Router

      The 3200 series includes 4 gigabit WAN ports, 3G USB modem support, VPN trunking, content filtering and load balancing.

    • Vigor P-1080 8-Port PoE Switch

      With 8 full power PoE ports this router is ideal for IP telephones, wireless access points and network cameras.

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