Document Management Software


Storing your documents electronically allows businesses to find documents in a fraction of the time and helps to reduce costs by cutting down on printing costs and the need to store the documents in filing cabinets.

Furthermore, all documents produced from Exchequer can be automatically stored electronically and documents which have already been printed can be scanned into the system. You can also set user permissions within the document management software so only people who you have authorised can access the information stored within the system.

Features & Benefits

    • Cut the time it takes to retrieve documents through easy to use search functionality
    • The document management solution fully complies with HMRC regulations
    • Save money and cut down on storage space by printing less paperwork
    • Integrates with Exchequer so you can store documents from within the system
    • Securely backup any data stored within the software, so in the event of a disaster you still have all of your records
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