Customer Service Management Software

The ProspectSoft customer service functionality allows your customer support team to manage both pre and post-sales activity including the logging, analysing and reporting of customer issues.

Calls can be logged on the software quickly and easily and can then be updated with future phone calls, emails, visits or other activities so a full log on the resolution is available to your team.

A centralised knowledgebase allows customer service operators to build up a library of solutions to resolved issues which can then be referred to by other members of staff. This knowledgebase is easy to update and easy to search when a common issue arises.

For easy customer service management all details within the software can be reported on so you know exactly how your team is performing and customers can even check up on the status of their support calls by logging onto your website with online problem tracking.

Features & Benefits

With ProspectSoft's customer service management software you will benefit from:

    • Log and track customer issues and record all communications
    • Record pre-sales information and liaise with the sales team
    • Create a solution knowledgebase with details of common fixes
    • Find answers to questions such as average fix time to issues
    • Allow customer to track their problems online


    • ProspectSoft CRM - Customer Service


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