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CRM Systems (also known as Customer Relationship Management systems) are used by businesses of all sizes to track interactions with customers and potential customers.

With a CRM system you can track sales leads from the initial enquiry right through to the final sale. Once a prospect becomes a customer all future interactions, including customer service calls, appointments, emails and phone calls, can all be recorded and made available to any CRM user.

At the HBP Group we supply a range of CRM solutions which integrate with accounting software packages so that prospects can be converted into customers with the click of a button – this can create a customer account and share all of the relevant information needed without the need for any data rekeying. Our CRM systems can also be used as standalone applications and with a huge range of functionality can be tailored to meet the requirements of your business including the ability to manage sales, marketing, projects and customer service.

CRM Solutions

We can implement and support the following CRM Solutions:

Benefits of CRM

    • Manage Sales - By managing your sales pipeline you can ensure that sales leads are followed up from start to completion
    • Increase Sales - By analysisng the successes and failures you have in both sales and marketing you can streamline your processes
    • Manage Marketing - Keep track of all marketing campaigns so that activities can be followed up and reported on easily
    • Record Contacts - Keep records on the people and companies in your database so you always know who has been speaking to your customers and prospects.
    • Forecast Sales - Understand the opportunities that your sales team have in the pipeline so you know what to expect in the future
    • Share Information - With integration to your other key business systems, including accounts, key information about your customer can be seen by those who need it

How Can We Help

We have over 20 years’ experience of implementing and integrating business systems so our specialists can work with you to select the most appropriate CRM system. If you are looking for a standalone system then, unlike many companies who only offer one solution, we can ensure that you select the best option to meet your requirements. Our team of experts can then install, project manage, support and carry out all training that is required to get your new system up and running as quickly and effectively as possible.

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