Contract Billing Software

Contract Billing Software

Exchequer’s contract billing software helps to automate many procedures relating to contracts such as the payment of sub-contractors, including submissions to the HMRC.

In addition, there are many more tasks which can be automated, such as monthly deferred revenue journals which can be generated at the click of a button, reducing the chance of incorrect data being inputted is cut.

Every stage of managing your contracts is possible within the contract billing solution so you can easily create reports on and of the information held within the software. By utilising the reporting wizard you can make more informed business decisions and estimations for future contracts based on the information stored in your data.

Features & Benefits

    • Fully compliant with the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) to avoid tax issues
    • Automate the payment of sub-contractors including tax and other deductions
    • Generate sales invoices and journals from within the software
    • Import and export data from Microsoft Excel
    • Intelligently forecast for future projects by producing reports within the built-in wizard
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