Contact Management Solutions

Contact Management Solutions

The contact management solution from the ProspectSoft CRM package, supplied by the HBP Group, enables you to store unlimited data about a customer.

This data can be simple, such as a name and address, or complex such as a specific job role or their preferences.

Having this information will allow you to create relationships with each customer which could ultimately lead to them staying your customer, for longer. Relationships can be set up between customers so you are aware if they have a parent or sister company and the activity tracking functionality allows you to store all sales and marketing actions against each record for future reference.

Features & Benefits

With ProspectSoft's contact management solutions you will be able to:

    • Store unlimited information about customers
    • Track the activities with the Activity Tracker
    • Multiple users can collaborate on information together
    • With Online Document Sharing you can instantly access documents through secure online portals


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